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KILL YOUR LOVER promises tense horror sequences, heartbreaking interpersonal drama and creative kills.


When Dakota tries to break off her toxic relationship with Axel, it starts transforming him into a monstrous creature with increased aggression, a touch that melts skin and worst of all, he’s contagious...

As the toxicity fully takes hold, Dakota becomes equally infected, as the pair grapple with the remains of their relationship, which threatens to come to a bloody end!

KILL YOUR LOVER is brought to you by directing team A/K (Alix Austin & Keir Siewert).

The film was produced by A/K's production company Switchblade Cinema.


Previous credits include: RETCH, SUCKER & ISOLATION


KILL YOUR LOVER was made in association with Screencrib and is being executive produced by James Isilay and Douglas Cox ('HOST').

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KILL YOUR LOVER was a deeply personal project. As a married couple, one of the things that unites us, is our love of The French Extreme and South Korean cinema, which inspired a lot of the tone and style of this film.

Our desire was to express our purest cinematic ambitions as filmmakers, to make a picture that was both exciting and kinetic, but also give the audience food for thought. Our hope is that anyone who has struggled in a bad relationship will be able to see themselves in the painfully relatable push and pull between the lead characters Axel and Dakota.


The film purposefully has a kaleidoscopic quality, where past and present collide in unexpected ways. Our aim was to encapsulate how relationships don’t fall apart due to one single incident, but are often more a death by a thousand cuts.


Often entertainment and art are seen as polar opposites. We wanted to make a film that fit into a category we’ve lovingly coined “Art Grindhouse.” Films that can both shock and thrill with sensational violence, gore and eroticism, without losing their thoughtful symbolic and allegorical storytelling.


Our hope is that KILL YOUR LOVER will take audiences on a wild ride that horrifies and disgusts, but ultimately, at its heart, puts you through the emotional ringer.


No matter what, we hope you come out feeling like you’ve had an experience.

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