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Shane Quigley Murphy.jpeg

DAKOTA / Paige Gilmour

Paige's screen credits include:

'Nina' in "HAPPY GALS" directed by Alessia Galantini

and 'Sophie' in "JACKED" directed by Alex Maxwell.

AXEL / Shane Quigley Murphy

Shane's screen credits include ‘Aelfrun’ in “VIKINGS”
‘Gareth Boyle’ in “FAIR CITY”,

and ‘Patrick’ in the Starz series “OUTLANDER”

May 2.jpeg

ROSE / May Kelly

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Joshua Whincup.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 14.09.43.png

Dakota's band "BLACK GLOVE KILLER":
(from left to right)

ASH / Rachael James

RED / Eva-Marie Kung

DAKOTA / Paige Gilmour

KRISSY / Lauren McConville

VEE / Joanna Lusua

Music in the film written and performed by the "New Queen of Punk":


Courtesy of: Suzi Moon & Pirates Press Records

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